SOFIA is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy with a Hubble-sized telescope onboard a modified Boeing 747SP. SOFIA combines features of a space and a ground-based observatory: observing from the stratosphere SOFIA does not have a limit on the number of instruments and can also be upgraded through time.

I was very lucky to participate the SOFIA Cycle 5 flights in July 2017 from Christchurch, New Zealand. With the Far Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI-LS) we observed [CII] emission line map of an AGN host galaxy HE 2211-3903. The data is published in my first first-author paper “Discovery of a global [CII] 158m line excess in AGN HE 1353-1917”.

The flight plan consists of the ‘legs’: the strait trajectories, when the telescope is pointed towards one object. The observing flight starts and ends at the same airport making a loop and mostly lies above the Ocean.

Can you find the leg of my object HE 2211-3903 on the plan below?

Flight plan