CARS Data Release

November 2021

Three CARS papers appeared on ArXiv (2111.10417, 2111.10418, 2111.10419), including the manuscript I worked on for over a year! In this paper we thoroughly analysed all available photometric information for the CARS targets to construct and model the SEDs; with those SEDs we inferred stellar masses of the CARS galaxies and the infrared SFR; then we combined it all with the MUSE data we have and and and (!!!) The paper includes two new methods to analyse AGN IFU data on BPT diagrams: the rainbow script and the “BPT morphology” approach. [Read More]

4th CARS Meeting

August 6-10 2018, Heidelberg, Germany

Meet the CARS team!

Group Photo From left to right: Justus Neumann, Tim Davis, Mainak Singha, Irina Smirnova‑Pinchukova, Bernd Husemann, Tanya Urrutia, Julia Scharwächter, Gerold Busch, Rebecca McElroy, Miguel Perez-Torres, Gene Leung, and Nastaran Fazeli