La Silla Observatory

October 17-31 2017, Chile

The real observing experience at La Silla In October 2017. Operating the telescope for the first time is not easy, especially when you are jet-lagged and working during long nights. Despite that, the observations went smooth, thanks to the "DON'T PANIC" sticker in the control room, and very patient and helpful support astronomer Angela.

La Silla

SOFIA Cycle 5

July 19-31 2017, Christchurch, New Zealand

SOFIA is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy with a Hubble-sized telescope onboard a modified Boeing 747SP. SOFIA combines features of a space and a ground-based observatory: observing from the stratosphere SOFIA does not have a limit on the number of instruments and can also be upgraded through time. I was very lucky to participate the SOFIA Cycle 5 flights in July 2017 from Christchurch, New Zealand. With the Far Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI-LS) we observed [CII] emission line map of an AGN host galaxy HE 2211-3903. [Read More]